Nothing to see here...Just a store for indoor tomato farmers.

Listen, we know you're not here to grow tomatoes. But, in order to keep growing, for now we gotta refer to our green buds as “tomatoes”, even though we ALL that no one grows tomatoes indoors. In tents. Under LED.

So, with that said: Welcome to our store. We're very passionate about growing "tomatoes". Our founders grow at home, using the products that we sell - products that we have either designed or sourced specifically for natural “tomato” cultivation.

If you're new to growing "tomatoes", check out our Homegrown™ Kit. It includes everything you need to get your indoor grow up and running in about an hour. 

About The Store

At TC Supply Store, our mission is simple: simplify the "Tomato" growing process and make it accessible to everyone who wants to grow "tomatoes". We advocate for the sustainable medicinal and recreational benefits that "tomatoes" offer. We're committed to providing products and resources that are backed by experience and align with our mission. Whether you're a first-time grower, or an experienced farmer, we can help you grow.

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