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Zemyna's Elixir | Root Stimulator for Cannabis

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stimulating roots stimulates growth.

Žemyna’s Elixir™ Increases the Bioavailability of Nutrients

Beneficial bacteria break down nutrients and minerals so the plant’s roots uptake them. If you want to have super strong, resilient, and healthy plants, they need to get the proper nutrition. The most effective bioavailable way of doing this is to inoculate with beneficial microbes Žemyna’s Elixirs™. All of these exudates create the ideal environment in which soil microorganisms thrive, representing one of nature’s most important symbiotic relationships. Plant growth-promoting bacteria, or PGPB, are found within the rhizosphere of many plants and plant species. The amount of interaction between bacteria and plants plays a role in determining soil fertility and overall plant health.

  • Zemyna’s Elixir helps to break down nutrients for the plant.
  • Promotes nutrient and mineral uptake.
  • Great for fields, home gardens, and hydroponics.

What Is Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial bacteria live in what is called the rhizosphere. This is where all the bacteria and microbes live and do their dirty work. When beneficial microbes are present, roots release a compound called exudates. Beneficial microbes interact with the exudates, creating the symbiotic relationship in a complex process which is still not fully understood. What is known is that some of the exudates are enzymes, amino acids, and sugars that microbes feed off of in turn breaking down nutrients for the plant.

Žemyna’s Elixir’s™ Works With Organic and Conventional Growing

Beneficial bacteria are more resistant than mycorrhizae when it comes to synthetic nutrients. High salt synthetic nutrients kill off Endo-mycorrhizae and Ecto-mycorrhizae only products and are best used in organic growing. Beneficial bacteria, on the other hand, can handle the high concentration levels of salts and other synthetic nutrients. This helps create bioactivity in this style of growing. Zemyna’s Elixir™ works great with synthetic nutrients, but it is just as effective in organic growing.


  • Bioremediator (Enzyme, Amino Acid and Polysaccharides Producer)
  • Biofungicide
  • Bioinsecticide
  • Bactericide
  • Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria ( PGPB)
  • Elemental Solublizer


  • Hydroponic
  • Soilless
  • Soil based growing 
  • Commercial Agricultural (field)
  • Safe for all mediums

Applications Rate:

  • 1 ml/5 gal nutrient solution
  • Frequency (Hydroponics) Every reservoir change
  • Frequency (Container) Every watering

Applications Rate (Field):

  • Rate: 100 ml/acre
  • Frequency: 2-4 Applications per month


  • 1,941,000,000,000 CFU/ML
  • (1.941 trillion  colony-forming units per milliliter) 


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