Hemp NM 2020

About Hemp NM

HEMP NM is a one-day seminar on industrial hemp farming, specific to New Mexico. We have enlisted the expertise of one the world’s top experts on organic hemp cultivation, Farmer Tom Lauerman. Together TCSS and Farmer Tom will provide you the information you need to get your legal, profitable hemp farm up and running.

Early Bird Pricing Through December 15th

Who is Farmer Tom Lauerman?

Farmer Tom Lauerman is a world class Organic Farmer with international recognition.  As an active voice in the Industry since 1998 and the first private citizen to interface with a Federal Agency on the Production and Processing of Cannabis has led him to share his wealth of agricultural knowledge as an Educator and Advisor for the emerging Hemp revolution. 

Farmer Tom is one of the most recognizable Hemp Farmers in the world today. Often referred to as the Berts Bees of Weed his brand and likeness embody clean, outdoor living and an organic lifestyle, fulfilling his life’s mission.

He has co-instructed, “Cannabis and Your Health,” a course at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. A popular speaker and consultant who focus on Hemp Production has led to the development of the Hemp Farming Academy, an Online course to give Hemp farmers the tools and resources they need to have a successful grow season.


Why Attend?

Well, to put it simply: you'll learn to build and run a successful hemp farm, from seed to sale. Beyond that, you'll be in the same room with like-minded hemp enthusiasts with lots of opportunity for growing your network and making new connections.

Topics we'll cover include:

  • Seed Selection
  • Land/Soil Preparation
  • Farm Layout and Equipment
  • Water Schedule
  • Pest Protection
  • Harvesting
  • New Mexico law and licensing 

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