Best Regions for Growing Hemp

Best Regions for Growing Hemp

Maybe you’re not a THC fiend. Or maybe you’re more interested in farming for industrial sale. In either case, hemp is a less risky cannabis crop that has myriad uses and growing demand.

But what makes for good outdoor hemp-growing conditions?

Somewhere with a mild climate is the best place to grow hemp, preferably a little on the humid side (think somewhere with at least 25-30 inches of rainfall per year). That makes places like Northern California, Oregon, and Washington near perfect cultivation states. (Though high land prices in Oregon can mean prohibitive conditions for growers on a budget). These states also have an open mind toward cannabis production, so you’re less likely to run into legal snafus here. 

Hemp also requires good soil moisture in order for seeds to germinate effectively and for plants to grow strong enough to yield. States with existing tobacco fields have great soil for hemp--since hemp and tobacco grow similarly. That means states in the middle of the east coast, like Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina are well-suited for you to take root if you’re planning on growing your own hemp. 

States that are good for producing flaxseed oil are also very good for producing hemp, as the two plants have similar needs. That means the Northern Plains states, like Montana, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin make for pretty nice hemp conditions, too.

States that are too hot, too dry, or alternatively, floods often, are less ideal, but not impossible for hemp growing. Growing in desert conditions will require more irrigation and soil preparation, however the plentiful sunlight all year round is useful plant growth. Greenhouses are a great cost-effective way to control humidity and soil conditions while harnessing the power of the sun.

Politically speaking, Colorado remains the best place to grow both hemp and THC, but as more and more states are moving toward legalization, the possibilities for booming hemp growth in the near future are pretty exciting!

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